2017 Alvarado Fall Fest Music


San Francisco powerhouse, Native Elements has been keeping the energetic, feel-good reggae tradition alive in the Bay Area for over 19 years. Comprised of 10 seasoned musicians with years of experience in rock, metal, blues, jazz, r&b and hip-hop, this eclectic and fearless crew melds their unique influences into a contemporary melodic horn-driven party. Each show takes their listeners through improvisational peaks and valleys from blazing guitar solos to soaring saxophone wails while providing an authentic reggae foundation. Having grown up together since elementary school (playing in garage bands and skateboarding) in Daly City and South City, CA, Native Elements bring a uniquely warm experience to the stage that is both entertaining and uplifting.

Pacific Soul, a top 40 bay area band, is very fortunate to be managed and mentored by professional musicians from Earth, Wind and Fire and Sheila E.  There is no other band in the bay area that works harder to bring you a powerhouse performance.  There is a reason why legendary musicians such as, Verdine White, have taken interest in these young men and woman.  With professional support, pro work ethics, stellar musicianship and a talent for entertaining the masses, you will not be disappointed as they take center stage.

DJ Record Rocker Solo (Steve P. Enriquez) is our Event EMCEE and DJ.   DJ Record Rocker Solo is a Transformational DJ Coach and Instructor at Record Rockers DJ Academy

The Record Rockers DJ Academy was created to ignite creativity and passion for music through the art of DJing.  DJing has become an exciting worldwide phenomenon that is now a part of the music industry.  Our mission in this industry is to teach kids to build confidence in their crafts, support adults who are looking for a cool new hobby, as well as assisting professional DJs, who are looking to take their love of music to a next level.  

Our founder and instructor, Steve Enriquez, has over 25 years in the art of Djing.  He is a leading authority and mentor in helping the new generation of music lovers to be naturally expressive in the art of creating music/ DJing.  Steve is a passionate heartfelt coach that is out to have his student’s win and his greatest commitment in life is that all music lovers confidently share their craft with the world.